Stranger and Stranger (Emily the Strange Novels, #2)

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Stranger and Stranger (Emily the Strange Novels, #2) PDF ebook download REVIEW

I am going to be like Emily and make a 13 things list as my review.

What I liked about Strange and Stranger.

1 TWO Emilies!
2 A cat translator that works.
3 OtherMe aka SuperAnnoyingMe aka EvilOne.
4 Venus Fang Fang – the super-secret-ex-spy.
5 Emily’s duplicator machine.
6 Varking hamdacks! (that’s Emily’s way of saying a bad word)
7 A cover with four cats and two Emilies.
8 Lists of 13 things like “Top 13 thoughts running through my head as we waited at the car for Search and Rescue to arrive.”
9Drawings galore.
10 Emily’s mom, who is not at all strange, which is actually strange for this book.
11 The town of Silifordville where the story takes place.
12 Crazy band names like Dark Artifact and Spy Diaper.
13 The promise of another book in this series.




5Attention Grabbing

4Girlie Meter




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