Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom

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Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom PDF ebook download Alan and Eleanor Kreider have been teaching and writing about mission, community, and worship from an Anabaptist perspective for almost four decades. While most of this ministry took place in the UK and North America, their influence spread to continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond. The contributors to this volume-all affected in some way by the Kreiders' ministry-are a global multivoiced choir. They are younger and older, academics and community workers, new believers and veterans of the faith. They have come together to celebrate the lifelong contribution the Kreiders have made to forming in so many people the Christian habits necessary for living faithfully in a world where the unraveling of Christendom has never been more apparent. 244 pages.

eBook Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom

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