Tiger Trail

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Tiger Trail PDF ebook download " I am the tigress
I walk alone.
No pack
no pride
no mate
helps me survive."

A tigress must teach her cubs to be independent. She is both tender and stern as she carries her kits to safety, snarls to teach them manners, and demonstrates swimming, stalking, and hunting. And while the tigress is a powerful hunter, danger lurks in her wild surroundings....

Suspense simmers in this evocative exploration of tigers and how they survive. Kay Winters's text is bold and dramatic like the tigress herself, yet packed with information about these amazing animals. Laura Regan's lush artwork, alive with vivid detail, captures the many facets of the tigress and her cubs — proud, vulnerable, ferocious, majestic. "Tiger Trail" is a wild yet poignant picture book that takes the reader into the land and lives of the largest of cats.

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