A Gentleman on Wall Street

PDF-file by Harry A. Jacobs Jr.

A Gentleman on Wall Street PDF ebook download "My childhood was totally happy.
Professor Guthrie made Proust come alive for me.
There going down the hill was a beautiful blonde girl.
I got my wings on July 29, 1943.
I finally took a job at a retail stock brokerage. Its name was Bache and Company.
Time with Marie and the kids convinced me that the ticket to sanity was go get away from the pressures of the job. Harold Bache raised holy hell.
I was elected CEO on November 23, 1976.
I was a little surprised the Prudential was lurking out there as a buyer.
I was bereft after Marie died.
Just like with Marie, I fell in love with Joanie instantly.
I've been blessed to have not only a wonderful and loving family, but over the years a matchless collection of friends.
I am lucky to have found the gift of prayer."

eBook A Gentleman on Wall Street

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