One Less Lonely Cowboy

PDF-file by Kathleen Eagle

One Less Lonely Cowboy PDF ebook download HE'S READY AND ABLE... Jack McKenzie is an old-school cowboy. A loner making a good living at a Missouri ranch, he just wants to collect his pay, keep to himself and-most important-forget the past. But the return of his boss's daughter changes everything...and makes him long for more than his solitary life.... 


The last place Lily Reardon had ever imagined going was home, but there she is-the prodigal daughter with a child of her own. Estranged from her father, she struggles to reconnect. Slowly, with the help of strong, silent ranch hand Jack McKenzie, she begins to see her past-and even her future-in a new light. But can Jack trust in love enough to take his place in Lily's renewed family?

eBook One Less Lonely Cowboy

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