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Anna Svärd PDF ebook download The sequel to The Greatest Book You Never Even Heard Of. It's also very good.

The hero, who like many Lagerlöf characters is given to doing rash, impulsive things, has a huge row with his girlfriend. He says he's going out, and he's going to propose to the first woman he meets. (In late 19th century Sweden, this made sense; today, I suppose he would have gone to an Internet mail-order bride site). The first woman who comes along is, indeed, incredibly unsuitable, but marries her anyway. Then he spends a good while wondering why the hell he did that. But, in the end, both to his and the reader's surprise, he finds he loves her after all.

A similar theme occurs in Jerusalem, which is generally considered the author's masterpiece. I've often wondered what she was saying here. She was deeply religious; if she'd been a lesser writer, I'd have discounted it as mealy-mouthed Christian propaganda about the sanctity of marriage, sort of a version of Stephenie Meyer syndrome. But Selma Lagerlöf was a genius, and I don't think that explanation fits well. I'm more inclined to read it as an interesting psychological observation. She's saying: guys, this happens sometimes, draw your own conclusions about why. Love's strange.


My (Swedish) wife, who knows Selma Lagerlöf much better than I do, says I've completely misrepresented this book! I suppose I ought to re-read it. Meanwhile, she could post a review of her own...

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