The Bones of Mars

PDF-file by Dominic Smith

The Bones of Mars PDF ebook download Watched by the whole world, six ill-prepared strangers find themselves on a one-way ticket to Mars as part of a reality TV programme.

There’s Dom, a failed investment banker everyone loves to hate. Samantha, a flaky Australian divorcee with weight issues. Esteban, a gay Filipino landscape gardener. Evi, an angry German theatre activist. Majella, an Irish neurosurgeon with hidden health issues. And Commander Darshan Singh, a Sikh astrophysicist with secrets of his own.

Follow the six from lift-off through space, where Dom survives an emergency space-walk, all the way to Mars. There they survive a month-long dust storm and a life-threatening water crisis, and discover that they might not be alone. Also, that Bartel Mesman, the Dutch media mogul behind the show, might not be playing straight with them. A fact that could cost them their lives.

eBook The Bones of Mars

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