The History Of Christianity (Lion Handbooks)

PDF-file by Jonathan Hill

The History Of Christianity (Lion Handbooks) PDF ebook download Jonathan Hill's comprehensive survey covers the entire geographical sweep of Christianity as well as its 2,000 years. The main narrative is supplemented by articles on key topics by 40 international experts from the UK, US, Italy, France, Africa, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan and Singapore. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this new flexiback edition makes it available to an even wider audience. Areas covered in this title include: Christian beginnings; the Church Fathers; expansion to Africa and the Middle East; the Byzantine Empire; the Dark Ages; the High Middle Ages; the Reformation; Russia and the east; the new age of exploration to Africa, South and North America, India and the Far East from the 15th to 17th centuries; the Enlightenment; the age of Colonialism; and, the modern world.

eBook The History Of Christianity (Lion Handbooks)

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