Killed by Darkness (Befallen Tides, #0)

PDF-file by Anna Sanders

Killed by Darkness (Befallen Tides, #0) PDF ebook download It's uncommon for daevors to leave the safety of their enclave. But when Deja Rowan gets a job offer in New York, she can't resist the glamour of a fabulous life in a new city.

Her body is found mutilated a year later—and nobody will take action against the killers, since it would risk exposing cryptids to all of humanity.

The victim's little sister, Winx, isn't afraid of the consequences. And she will do anything to get revenge.

Killed by Darkness is a 4000-word prequel to the Befallen Tides series. It contains a preview of Cursed by Darkness by Anna Sanders.

eBook Killed by Darkness (Befallen Tides, #0)

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