Daydream Believer

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Daydream Believer PDF ebook download What do you do when your dream life turns into a nightmare?

When Eve Sheppard’s first novel, Daydream Believer, hits the big time, it catapults her into a career as a successful author. She soon acquires a fabulous London flat, a wardrobe of designer clothes, more Mulberry and Prada handbags than any girl could want, and a long-term boyfriend, talented theatre director James Fenner.

But when James leaves her for a young actress, Eve begins to realise that her charmed life is built on very shaky foundations. Soon her finances are in meltdown, her agent is taken seriously ill and her career seems all but over when her latest book flops.

Jobless, homeless and moneyless, Eve is forced to start again from the bottom. Only her university mates, Katie and Jess, her new friend Dan Kerr, member of the fabulously successful ex-boy band Wild Things, and his sister Stella remain loyal. But just when she is beginning to realise that her feelings for Dan are becoming more than mere friendship, there comes the bitterest blow of all.

And then, suddenly and most unexpectedly, James is back on the scene...

For fans of British chick lit and Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic' books in particular.



"It was entertaining the whole time and kept me on the edge of my seat."
Chick Lit Central

"What a lovely little book. Proper old-school chick lit, full of little twists and turns and eye-opening moments."
The Book Geek Wears Pajamas

"I really liked the premise of this book (I've been a bit fussy with chick-lit lately), and I wasn't disappointed."
Goodreads review

"This is a great chick-lit book."
Goodreads review

"Just finished with a big smile on my face! Wonderful story."
Amazon UK review

"Reading HAPPY HOUR was like drinking champagne: it was bubbly, effervescent, and left me feeling warm inside." review

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