Madeleine's Cowboy (Marry Me, Cowboy - Wrangler Dads) #01

PDF-file by Kristine Rolofson

Madeleine's Cowboy (Marry Me, Cowboy - Wrangler Dads) #01 PDF ebook download COWBOYS WERE HER WEAKNESS

Madeleine Harmon was finally going to visit the West. After years spent nursing her grandfather, she was going to live for herself—take sunrise breakfast rides, learn how to rope, have adventures and watch the desert stars.

Only she got picked up by the wrong cowboy at the train station. Instead of vacationing on a dude ranch, she found herself taking care of Stuart Anderson's house and his daughter. Maddy was a sucker for a strong and silent man in denim and dusty boots and she was an even bigger sucker for being needed. Stuart and his daughter obviously needed a woman. And how they needed her love. But hadn't she headed West for freedom?

eBook Madeleine's Cowboy (Marry Me, Cowboy - Wrangler Dads) #01

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