Targets of Deception (Jordan Sandor, #2)

PDF-file by Jeffrey S. Stephens

Targets of Deception (Jordan Sandor, #2) PDF ebook download When Jordan Sandor resigned from active service with the CIA, it was before 9/11, before the fall of Saddam Hussein, before the world had so dramatically changed. He is reluctantly drawn back into action, when a series of violent events leads him to search out a new Al-Qaeda conspiracy to initiate a new wave of cataclysmic assaults with poison gas. Sandor follows the deadly trail from New York to Florida to Paris and, ultimately, to the small town of Portofino on the Italian Riviera. Never sure who he can trust and who may be an enemy, Jordan relies on his experience, instincts and skills as he risks his life to uncover plans for attacks against the United States and its allies.

eBook Targets of Deception (Jordan Sandor, #2)

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