Heart Of The Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane, Book 3)

PDF-file by Harmony Raines

Heart Of The Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane, Book 3) PDF ebook download Part Three of a Three Part Serial
Contains strong sexual themes/language.

Pregnant with Connor’s child, a reluctant Serena goes with him to Spellholm. At last, Tara’s motives become clear, but their futures are put in jeopardy when they meet the dragons who live there.

Heartless Dragon Lord, Dòmhnall, knows the secret of immortality, but because of a past betrayal, he has sworn never to share it. However, Connor is desperate to have Serena by his side forever, and is willing to risk everything to succeed.

Faced with two trials, Serena and Connor must trust in each other to prove their love. However, these trials are designed for one purpose only. To part them forever.

Approx 32,000 words. Heart of the Dragon is Part 3 of a 3 part serial - Her Dragon's Bane.
Heart of the Dragon contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18

eBook Heart Of The Dragon (Her Dragon's Bane, Book 3)

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