The Changed Life & the Greatest Thing in the World

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The Changed Life & the Greatest Thing in the World PDF ebook download The Changed Life was originally intended to be given as a spoken address by the renowned nineteenth-century Scottish evangelist Henry Drummond.

This work is grouped under the following topics: "The Changed Life," "Formula of Sanctification," "The Alchemy of Influence," and "The First Experiment."

Once again, these beautiful and deeply moving reflections can be enjoyed as originally planned—as a sermon designed to inspire a positive change within the listener.

God's supreme gift to mankind is love.

Of all the books that have been written about love, perhaps none have been as influential and inspirational as The Greatest Thing in the World. Based on the 13th chapter of I Corinthians, this classic message has directed millions of people to the way of true happiness. Henry Drummond examines Paul's contrasts, analysis, and defense of love to point out that the greatest gift from God is love. He shows that not only is living a life of love its own reward, but that it is God's ultimate test of our faith. The simple beauty and positive truths of this dynamic sermon will encourage you to practice the power and blessing of love in every area of your life.

eBook The Changed Life & the Greatest Thing in the World

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