Memoirs of an Angel

PDF-file by Jim Huggins

Memoirs of an Angel PDF ebook download Just because you had a bad past doesn’t mean you can’t have a great future. Journeys of transformation begin one step at a time.

Abused and neglected, the beautiful German shepherd Cadie wins the Boomerang Award at the Rescue—for the dog adopted and brought back the most number of times.
Unloved, unwanted, and lonely, she’s destined to live in foster homes.

Then, miraculously adopted by a man who knows what it’s like to be unloved, unwanted, and lonely, Cadie at last has a home. But can she settle into life with a loving family?

Memoirs of an Angel is the compelling story, told in poignant vignettes, of two surprising partners who not only change each other but impact the lives of countless others in unique ways that only God could have orchestrated.

A heartwarming, inspiring read with bonus stories & questions for individual/group use.

eBook Memoirs of an Angel

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