How to Do Everything Windows 8

PDF-file by Mary Branscombe

How to Do Everything Windows 8 PDF ebook download Full coverage of the brand-new Windows operating system

Maximize all the powerful, versatile features in Windows 8 with help from this hands-on guide. Find out how to navigate the touch interface, customize settings, organize and sync data in the cloud, and set up a network. Communicate via email, phone calls, and video conferencing, view and organize photos, play music, videos, and games, and read e-books. Maintenance and troubleshooting are also covered in this practical resource.

Shows how to take full advantage of the all-new touch interface Explains how to sync all Windows 8 devices and their apps, content, files, and settings via the cloud Covers networking options, including Ethernet, ad-hoc, Bluetooth, and wireless, and how to connect Windows 8 PCs to a home entertainment center or game console Includes details on all the built-in apps as well as the wide-variety of apps and other content available in the Windows Store

eBook How to Do Everything Windows 8

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