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In Style PDF ebook download Some good tips, but a lot of them were impractical for me—the tips in the entertaining and home categories, especially.

Tips to remember:

How to look better in photos (68-69)
- Push chin out and slightly downward
- Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth as you smile
- Don't rest your arms against your torso

How to create a Bohemian knot (156-157)
- Divide hair (but avoid an obvious part) and create two low pigtails below ears.
- Twist both pigtails down and inward.Twist as tight as you can stand.
- Pull the pigtails together at the nape of the neck and gather into one.Secure with an elastic just below the original twists.Don't pull the new ponytail all the way through the last time—leave ends loose.
- Lift the loop up and in toward the scalp; tuck in.

For clothes tips, I'd go with The Lucky Shopping Manual over this one.

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