No One Writes Back

PDF-file by Eun-Jin Jang

No One Writes Back PDF ebook download This stunning novel is my second venture into Dalkey’s Korean Library, following the equally terrific At Least We Can Apologize. An unnamed protagonist travels from motel to motel meeting people and assigning them numbers, writing them letters after their encounters and patiently awaiting at least one response so he can end his travels. En route he meets the authoress of Toothpaste and Soap who is struggling to sell copies of her novel to subway passengers, and the two travel alongside the protagonist’s dog Wajo into the final instalment of his trip, recounting past meetings all the while, and composing letters to his estranged family. This is a perfectly paced and plotted novel with some cunning tricks up its sneaky sleeves—a smoothly translated tale of loneliness, loss, and grief that leaves one champing at the bit for more.

eBook No One Writes Back

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