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Approaching God PDF ebook download I like Steve Brown for a lot of reasons, but the main one is this: it is evident that this man knows Jesus. And I don't mean that he knows a lot about Jesus. Brown spends a lot of time with Jesus, one-on-one.And that's exactly why this is the best book I've ever read on prayer. It's not a "how-to guide;" nor is it dry theology. Instead, Brown shares with us his relationship with Jesus in hopes that we will be encouraged.

Short Chapter-by-Chapter Summary:
1. "Prayer is simply the communion, the communication, and the contact between the creature and the Creator. It is the expression of a relationship between two persons.... Prayer is what happens when the soul cries out to its Maker" (p. 8).

2. "It isn't our sin that causes God to be far away. The vicarious atonement of Christ takes care of sin. But stiffness-now that will kill your prayer life every time" (p. 25).

3. A successful prayer life requires commitment. It needn't be long. Structure and accountability help.

4. Childlikeness: "There is joy is resting in One who is in charge. When was the last time you giggled and didn't care what anybody thought?... When we are in relationship with God, there is a childlike joy in knowing that we are accepted and cherished - no matter what. That's what it means to be childlike, and rel prayer reflects that kind of joy" (p. 82).

5. "Intimacy with the ultimate goal of the life of every believer" (p. 93). You want a deeper prayer life for the intimacy, not power, not "getting better." You must be called to it, be patient, and be flexible.

6.Find quite place, use centering prayer (imagination, word recognition), take off the mask, acknowledge, adore, worship, and praise. Meditate. Listen.

7. "God didn't design prayer so that you would get better.... God didn't design prayer so that you would be holy.... God didn't design prayer to make you more like Jesus... God designed prayer because he likes you and wants to spend time with you" (p. 143).

8. "There is a major element of prayer that most of us miss, and that element is laughter - a free, joyous, wholesome, hardy laughter.... When God invites his people to prayer, he invites them to the dance - a celebration of the relationship and who created it, a celebration of who he is and what he has created, a celebration of life and meaning and forgiveness and heaven. When the Father invites us to prayer, he issues an invitation to a joyous party (p. 161, 163).

9. Covenant: Prayer is hard work and so God often calls communities of Christians to share the load.

10. Suggestions for Prayer: Have Faith. Be Patient. Pray within God's will. Be specific. Remember God is God. Praise Him. Be (or want to be) Obedient. Keep Praying. Make Requests, Not Demands. Take Prayer Seriously.

11. Why did God not answer my prayer? is the wrong question. "The real question is why any prayers are answered at all" (p. 227).

12. Common questions answered.

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