Avenger (The Impossible Trilogy, #3)

PDF-file by Julia Sykes

Avenger (The Impossible Trilogy, #3) PDF ebook download I’m dead inside again, but this is far worse than it was the first time.

Before I met Sean Reynolds I was cold, isolated, carefully controlled.
I hadn't even realized that I wasn't really living until he showed me what it was to connect with another human being.

But now I’ve lost him, and in the process I’ve lost myself.

I’m sick of being hunted, tired of living in fear.
And Sean isn’t here to protect me anymore.

It’s time I became the hunter.
I have nothing left to lose.
I won’t stop until I have my revenge.

But when the time comes, will Sean have my back, or will he be the one stabbing a knife into it?

Warning: This book contains strong language and scorching sex scenes involving BDSM.

eBook Avenger (The Impossible Trilogy, #3)

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