Elemental (The Auri Wars) (The Auri Wars) (Volume 1)

PDF-file by Emily White

Elemental (The Auri Wars) (The Auri Wars) (Volume 1) PDF ebook download I used to practice environmental law, and am still passionate about protecting animals and wild spaces.

My work as a lawyer informs my work as a writer. I love to research a question endlessly. With Lonely, I spent years reading everything I could about long-term loneliness. With Count Me In, I read everything I could about connection and belonging.

Count Me In is a "bigger" book than Lonely. That's because I touch on so many subjects — such as faith, neighborhood, home, and volunteering — that feed into connection and belonging. Writing the book was an adventure, and an awful lot of fun. I'm looking forward to feedback.

eBook Elemental (The Auri Wars) (The Auri Wars) (Volume 1)

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