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Hour Zero PDF ebook download Germany, 1945.

At the end of the war, Captain John Hodge is getting ready to be de-mobbed.

That is until he is given a new assignment on a War Crimes Unit, working to track down works of art the Nazis have looted and hidden.

Briefed by his new CO, Lieutenant Colonel Palfrey, Hodge travels to Ludswigburg, where the paintings are known to have been transported by Karl Wagner, Hitler’s former bodyguard.

At the American army camp he meets Captain John Lindsey, who has the job of de-Nazifying the area, rebuilding damaged towns and reorganising the community following the destruction of the second world war.

Lindsey has little interest in Hodge’s mission, until he realises it is linked to a group of Nazi sympathisers who are still active - called the Werwolf group.

And one of the key leaders is Karl Wagner.

Can Hodge find Wagner and restore the precious works of art?

Or will Werwolf destroy everything in the countdown to Hour Zero?

‘Hour Zero’ is an intriguing historical thriller set on the backdrop of war-torn Germany.

"A first rate World War II thriller that hooks you from the first page." - Jack Hayes, bestselling author of 'Blood Red Sea'

Praise for Michael Dean:

"A gripping story or war and moral choices, rich in drama and historical detail." - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.

Michael Dean studied history at Worcester College, Oxford and has a translator's qualification in German. He lived in south Germany for five years. He has written for television and now writes fiction full-time. His books include ‘The Enemy Within’.

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