Taking on the System

PDF-file by Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga

Taking on the System PDF ebook download The founder of one of the most influential political blogs in the nation establishes the fundamental laws that govern today's new era of digital activism.

The laws of power have changed-and will continue to do so in our ever-evolving, digital culture. Societal shifts require mastering new skills for effecting positive change. Now it's out with the old rules, in with the new...

Founder of one of the nation's most influential political blogs, DailyKos.com, Zúniga has drawn up his revolutionary strategies such as:

? Don't mourn the street protest-reinvent it
? Feed the backlash
? Demolish your opponents with ridicule
? Identify heroes and villains

Written for both the general public and the grassroots activist, this is a new great awakening- as the crowds learn the laws of power that will lead to effective transformation.

eBook Taking on the System

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