The Idea of America

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The Idea of America PDF ebook download In their new book, visionaries Pierre Lemieux and William Bonner invite readers to reexamine long accepted notions of what America is and what it means to be an American. Lemieux and Bonner carefully chose each of the written works included in the striking anthology to spark imagination, thought, and debate.

Each of the selections—some well-known classics and others the thoughts of less conventional thinkers—builds on the next, engaging readers in an exploration of the concepts that are fundamental to our view of who we are. No stone is left unturned as subjects ranging from individual liberty to religion and self reliance are covered through the words of some of the most creative thinkers ever to put pen to paper.

This arresting collection contains one of the most unique mixes of works ever to be compiled. From the documents that gave birth to America—the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights—to the insightful reflections from the always delightful H.L. Mencken on the American character and Ralph Waldo Emerson's classic words on individual and religious self reliance. The Idea of America is a true celebration of the spirit that is America.

eBook The Idea of America

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