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Armenians PDF ebook download I find Edmund Herzig's (ed.) Armenians (Routledge, 2004) as a good pick to begin reading about Armenian history and identity.
Pros: Succinct, broadly covers what one needs to know about the general framework.
Cons: More additional insights about gender relations (e.g. what does it mean to be a homosexual person in Armenia today?), atheistic expressions of Armenianness beyond Christianity, intra-Diaspora differences (diasporas of Turkey, France, Russia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon have quite diverging dynamics, I guess), and, finally some critical discussion of the Armenian nationalism(s) could enrich the text.
I suppose, advanced readers would enjoy reading this book in parallel with those books about the histories of Turkey, Kurds, Caucasus, Russia, Iran, Byzantium/Rome.
See also books about the Hemshins, Muslim Armenian community in the Black Sea region of Turkey, and, Yezidi Kurds in Turkey and Armenia.

eBook Armenians

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