Great Ship of Knowledge

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Great Ship of Knowledge PDF ebook download What is reality? What if virtual-world technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams and we're actually living virtual-lives right now? We're here learning a mandatory history lesson that everyone must learn in the future before ever being truly conscious. It's a time during the early twenty-first century when the world is divided by ideological hatred. This ravenous hatred will soon climax when the Dooms-Team strikes America with a sinister act of terror that will snowball overnight into nuclear Armageddon. Right now humanity has reached a fork in the road, one road leads to life and the other to death. In this book, the first of a trilogy, you'll learn what's on the road to death and a little of what's possible on the road of life. Only by showing the world the cataclysmic cost of a world divided can they appreciate the wonders of life and the endless possibilities of a world united.

eBook Great Ship of Knowledge

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