Bodyguard - a collection of five erotic spanking stories

PDF-file by Laurel Aspen

Bodyguard - a collection of five erotic spanking stories PDF ebook download A collection of five erotic spanking stories from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, & 2012.

Bodyguard by Laurel Aspen

Film star Columbia Walker is nice as pie on screen but a bitch in real life. When she tries to get her bodyguard, Jon, to take the rap for her attempt at shoplifting, he realises it’s time she was reminded how to treat people nicely. But even Jon can’t foresee the effect her first proper spanking will have on her.

No One Ever Guesses, And No One Guesses Now by Lana Fox

No one they work with knows of their secret affair, or how she thrives on the punishments he gives her. Their boring office party comes alive for her when he drags her into the cloakroom and dishes out the fierce, loving spanking she’s been craving all evening.

My New Personal Assistant by Eva Hore

Facing another weekend alone, Vanessa accepts her new PA Myra’s offer of a sleepover. Their girly evening takes an unexpected turn when Myra pops a bondage flick into the VCR by mistake. The images on screen encourage Vanessa to take her first steps in the world of girl-on-girl spanking fun.

Mistress Satina’s Slutmaid Academy by Alexia Falkendown

Mistress Satina’s business is enforced feminisation – and business is good. At her Slutmaid Academy, she teaches sissy maids the true joy of serving a dominant woman, but woe betide them if their wayward behaviour earns them a punishment. Poor Candy is about to learn the hard way what happens when you break one of Mistress’ favourite bone china teacups...

Alistair’s Hobby by Beverly Langland

Nadine’s marriage to Alistair is lacking in passion, so she gives the come-on to other men while he’s locked in his den, working on his hobby. What she doesn’t realise is Alistair has been turning the room into a dungeon, and he intends to punish Nadine for her flirtatious ways.

These stories have also been published in Naughty Spanking One ISBN 9781906125937

eBook Bodyguard - a collection of five erotic spanking stories

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