Mystic Summer

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Mystic Summer PDF ebook download Growing up is hard, especially for young Scott James in a 1954 suburban Southern California town. During a mystical summer of race riots, sit-ins, a baseball championship, wizards, murder, mayhem and a firestorm, Scott meets a young Mexican maiden from opposite sides of the track and the sparks begin to fly. Besieged by parents and peers alike for flaunting racial and religious barriers, Scott and Henri fall in love and manage to bring a racially torn town back from the brink of disaster. A multi-cultural love story, Mystic Summer will take you back in time to the land of milk and honey, a place where rock ā€™nā€™ roll began, and drive-in movies and restaurants were all the rage. An age still glorified in movies and on TV as the greatest time in American history to be a teenager. Or was it?

eBook Mystic Summer

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