Struggle Well

PDF-file by Michael W. Newman

Struggle Well PDF ebook download Go ahead, name your struggle: Grief, temptation, depression, worry, hopelessness, loss, anger, a broken heart. Struggles and storms will wash over your life. You can be sure of it. How will you respond? Will you lash out? Will you run away? Will you give in? Will you curl up in a ball and withdraw? Will you spin out of control? Or is there a better way? You can struggle poorly. You can let life's storms demoralize you, drag you down, and destroy you. You can give in to the expectations of the world. You can cave in to the prodding of the Evil One. Or you can struggle well. You can discover a different way to navigate the tossing waves of turmoil in your life. You can grow, become stronger, find peace, serve others, and draw closer to God during the difficult times you experience. Are you ready to take a new path through suffering and storms? It's time to refresh your heart and restore your soul. It's time to let God lead you to struggle well.

eBook Struggle Well

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