Wild Plants Of Greater Seattle

PDF-file by Arthur Lee Jacobson

Wild Plants Of Greater Seattle PDF ebook download Uniquely aimed for our region: woods to alleyways; escaped garden ornamentals - weeds - natives.
The first and only field guide to feature reliable accounts and finely detailed drawings of over 500 Seattle-area plants, in everyday, non-technical language.
Both native and non-native species are covered.

* 53 trees
* 50 shrubs
* 6 woody vines
* 6 brambles
* 325 weeds & wildflowers
* 65 grasses, rushes & sedges
* 14 ferns and horsetails

This is two books in one: illustrated common plants plus a 70 page comprehensive annotated checklist of 1,358 species.
You'll not only learn where to find and how to identify species, but there are also appealing notes on edibility, toxicity or medicinal roles.
Also included is a complete 38-page common name index.

eBook Wild Plants Of Greater Seattle

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