Planning and Urban Growth in the Nordic Countries

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Planning and Urban Growth in the Nordic Countries PDF ebook download The purpose of this book is to provide a survey of the development of urban planning in the Nordic countries, with particular emphasis on the period since the middle of the 19th century. Attention is given to such issues as when and how this shift from pre-industrial to modern planning occurred in the Nordic countries, what the legal frames were for planning legislation changed during the period in question, how plans have been made and approved, and by whom, and how the planning system has been organized at different times. It also explores how planning has been affected by societal developments in the different countries and which urban ideals have influenced the design of the plans. The extent to which the authors of the various plans have been inspired by projects of their colleagues in the other Nordic countries is considered, alongside those models and ideas from outside these countries.

eBook Planning and Urban Growth in the Nordic Countries

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