Aelfric's Catholic Homilies

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Aelfric's Catholic Homilies PDF ebook download This is the third and final volume in the Early English Text Society's edition of Aelfric's Catholic Homilies, a set of preaching texts in two series composed in Old English around 900 CE for the use of preachers throughout England. Aelfric (monk of Winchester, and then Cerne Abbas, and the first Abbot of Eynsham) was one of the leading scholars of his time and the foremost prose stylist of the Anglo-Saxon period. The Catholic Homilies represent the longest extant text in Old English, and are Aelfric's most important work. The text of the Second Series, edited by M.R. Godden, was published in 1979, and the text of the First Series, edited by Peter Clemoes, in 1997; both volumes included an analysis of manuscripts and a detailed account of the textual history. This final volume gives an account of the origin, function and dating of the Catholic Homilies and their Latin sources; a detailed commentary on all 80 homilies; and a glossary of all words occurring in the text.

eBook Aelfric's Catholic Homilies

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