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This is one of my favourite Dark Horse gems that at some point had been in development to be adapted into film, but despite having begun scripting, budgeting and casting as far back as 2009, as far as I know this production is still in doubt.

But what prompted MTV Films to buy the feature rights to and what incited Paramount Pictures to supposedly be invested in distributing that feature to begin with is the frightening and bleak tale of a vicious vampire-like plague in a post-apocalyptic U.S. and how a Special Ops team must reach the "cure".

It begins with a lost Russian cargo ship arriving at a port with it's entire crew dead, or are they?

My summary -

PROS: I really enjoyed the calculated effort of regalvanizing the vampire genre by accentuating the savage qualities of the monster parasites in this story (Some may call them zombies, in a way they are, but with their measureless bloodlust, i tend to think of these undead as more vampiric). Fast-paced plot with interesting facets and twists.
Striking art, really good atmospheric visual storytelling.

CONS: Not long enough to get into the depths of the whole plot, feels more like the beginning of something bigger than having any real closure. Would loved to have seen the survivor's relationships explored a bit more. I had to take off two stars just because of the abrupt conclusion, it needed a better "ending" and also for passing over opportunities to probe more into character connections. Maybe it's because I did get a sense of investment into them and just am left wondering.

WHAT I LIKED BEST: The artwork is *especially gorgeous*, I mean, WOW! and I really felt like every frame is a masterpiece.

If you enjoy vampiric/undead creatures portrayed as truly vicious and predatory and appreciate stunning artwork check out this fast-paced horror tale, if for nothing else than to enjoy the visual storytelling.

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