The Laws of the Golf Swing

PDF-file by Mike Adams

The Laws of the Golf Swing PDF ebook download The LAWs of the Golf Swing is a teaching model that recognizes that the way a person swings his or her golf club is dependant on the person's body type, personal strengths and natural tendencies. LAWs is an acronym for the three most common swing types: Leverage for golfers of average build and flexibility, such as Annika Sorenstam or Steve Elkinton; then there's the Arc player - tall, thin-chested, with maximum flexibility - like Davis Love or Don January; and the Width player with a thicker torso, shorter arms, less flexibility but more shoulder strength, like Jim Albus or Laura Davies. With several simple tests included in The LAWs of the Golf Swing, you can discover your body type and master the game.

eBook The Laws of the Golf Swing

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