Spanish Verbs

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Master the verbs of a new language without intimidating textbooks or confusing charts

Learning verbs and remembering their correct usage is a daunting task for anyone studying a new language. The experts at Teach Yourself have developed the Teach Yourself Verbs series to deal with this perplexing yet necessary part of language learning. Perfect for students at any level of experience, the Teach Yourself Verbs series will increase their knowledge and proficiency and give their language confidence the boost it needs.

Each book contains:

Helpful hints on learning verb forms Explanation of various tenses and their useage Verb categories, their patterns, and their conjugations Full coverage of the main tenses for frequently used verbs, arranged alphabetically for quick and easy reference Examples of the verbs in everyday use, with colloquial expressions and keywords based on the verbs A glossary of verbs with details of the patterns they follow

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