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Levi's Will PDF ebook download So... a couple weeks ago I read a W. Dale Cramer book called Sutter's Cross.Then I went on to read 2 or 3 more books I don't even remember because Sutter's Cross totally eclipses them. So I thought... I'll read another of Mr. Cramer's books. I just finished Levi's Will... and again, I'm so impressed. I love this man's writing. As soon as I finish this review I'm starting Summer of Light.
What I didn't know as I read Levi's Will is that it is greatly based upon his father's life. An Amish boy, finding himself in trouble, runs away, eventually joining the army. He lived for many years under the ban from his community and always lived as a non-Amish raising a family the same.
I don't want to give away much of the story, so suffice it to say that I did not want to put this book down. I'm glad for the times I had to drive somewhere, or clean the kitchen that I have a Kindle that will read to me, so I didn't have to stop the story.
Mr. Cramer has a unique way of describing a scene, or person, or event that tickles anyone's imagination. Sometimes I had to laugh out loud in an empty house because the scene depicted was done so well.
AND... I just love when books are also at least partly true.
Read this book. It is FASCINATING.
Okay, now I off to read Summer of Light.

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