Fair Play (Matchplay, #2)

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Fair Play (Matchplay, #2) PDF ebook download The Good-Girl, the Bad-Girl and the Boy They Both Want...Fair Play begins where the new adult romance Matchplay left off.

Bad girls need love, too...

Keira Whitley is used to getting what she wants and what she wants is the sexy-and-smart, Aaron Donovan. They're both from extremely wealthy and prominent families and their parents have talked about getting the two of them together since they were kids.

The only problem is that Aaron recently got engaged to the girl of his dreams, Rainy Dey.

But Keira knows she and Aaron are supposed to be together and she's not about to let a little thing like Aaron's declaration of true love for Rainy get in her way.

But is all really fair in love and war?

Warning: This book is told from the perspective of Keira Whitley, a villainous Queen of Mean. If you're looking for a story told from the point of view of a sweet Mary-Sue virgin, this book is NOT FOR YOU. Go read Fifty Shades of Grey again. And if you decide to read this book anyway, DON'T say I didn't warn you. This new adult romance contains language and content indented for adult readers (18+).

eBook Fair Play (Matchplay, #2)

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