Uncharted Realms

PDF-file by J.R. Bryce

Uncharted Realms PDF ebook download Lance Cabaret is a brave knight from the town of Duracia. As a member of the Brotherhood, Queen Priscilla’s personal army, he has seen many adventures in his time. He has often found himself surrounded by extreme danger, and he has killed to protect his queen and his fellow knights. After hunting down yet another wanted criminal, however, Lance begins to question his position as a knight and wonders if he has ever killed an innocent man.

One night while contemplating his position in the Brotherhood, Lance hears a strange song floating on the breeze, coming from the direction of the mysterious Western Realm. According to Queen Priscilla, the Western Realm has not been heard from for many years, so Lance agrees to go on a quest in the name of the crown. Upon undertaking his dangerous journey, though, Lance realizes the queen has betrayed him.

Now free of the Brotherhood, Lance finds himself in a strange, unfamiliar land. Purposeless in his new life, he enters a tournament against the best warriors on the continent. It is during this bloody tournament that Lance meets Sophie, a beautiful slave girl under the power of a dark wizard known as Meritan. Without a queen to protect, Lance dedicates himself to Sophie—but the dark wizard will not let her go without a fight.

eBook Uncharted Realms

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