The 21st Century Organization

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The 21st Century Organization PDF ebook download Read it in just 2 hours!A Warren Bennis Executive Briefing Series Book

With this book, two distinguished experts present a proven five-phase process for making an organization leaner, more responsive, and more aware of it's customers' needs. Drawing on real-life change iniatives undertaken at Motorola, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and other industry leaders, Bennis and Mische demystify the process of reinventing a company and address many questions critical to the success of comprehensive change efforts. Through trAnd analysis, case study examples, and facts lists—all presented in an easy-to-absorb SuperReading format—"The 21st Century Organization" examines the economic, quality control, and productivity issues associated with organizational restructuring and demonstrates how each will impact a company's ability to compete in the growing global marketplace.

eBook The 21st Century Organization

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