The Movies From 1930 To The Present

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The Movies From 1930 To The Present PDF ebook download Jeremy Pascall was an English screenwriter, broadcaster, journalist and author. He specialized in writing about humour and rock music, starting his career at the magazine New Musical Express. At 26 he moved on to be a producer at London's Capital Radio. He has written several books.

He was an accomplished music journalist, coming of age in the '60s. He interviewed all the big rock stars of the time (he had extremely funny stories of time spent with Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees fame) and was an integral part of the avant garde group Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

He also wrote several books, was a successful DJ at Capitol Radio in London, hosting the shows Vinyl Vaults and The UnEncyclopedia of Rock, before evolving into a talented radio and television comedy writer.

According to a friend, "He was a prickly, cigar smoking, hard drinking, high-flying bon vivant who knew almost everybody important in the worlds of comedy and telly, and everything about English popular culture; and he did NOT suffer fools gladly."

He died on 30 August 2001 from throat cancer.

eBook The Movies From 1930 To The Present

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