Claire and the Haircut of Doom (Claire, #2)

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Claire and the Haircut of Doom (Claire, #2) PDF ebook download A short story, able to be read in one sitting, this tale of Claire and her disastrous hair is definitely a great read that will make you laugh, and lift your spirits.

Claire is having a bad day, something everyone can relate to, and wishes to make herself feel better with a new hair cut, so that her boyfriend won't tell her she looks like a hobo again (in a well-meaning way; he's really very sweet). Unfortunately, her hair cut doesn't end up being all that she wanted, and Claire quietly learns a good lesson: that often, not everything is as bad as it seems.

I really enjoyed this short because it was easy to read, though written with a sassy flair, and because the romance in it was realistic and clean, and absolutely adorable. Plus, Claire watches "Thor" when she's feeling depressed; a girl after my own heart. My only con is I wish that the short had been a bit longer, and there were some extremely minor word choice errors; nothing to upset reading, though.

If you're looking for an uplifting and humorous story to read in a small amount of time, be sure to pick up this story of Claire. Three stars.

Alexandra Lanc~
Author of: Lisez la Fleur (Read the Flower) ~ Part One: The Beautiful Beginning, The Chords of Change, and more.

eBook Claire and the Haircut of Doom (Claire, #2)

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