Trapped In Space

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Trapped In Space PDF ebook download My class just read a suspenseful and exciting science fiction book called Trapped in Space by David Johnson.I don't usually choose science fiction books, but challenged myself to read a different genre for the 40 book challenge and we ended up loving it.I checked this book out from the middle school library.The story begins in the future with two children exploring a unknown planet with their pilot.They end up crashing their vehicle and become trapped on the dangerous and beautiful planet.The main characters Jak and Sammi meet fascinating creatures and plants as they try to return to their main space ship, The Titan.I liked this book because each chapter had an exciting ending making us want to read what comes next.I also liked the horned creatures that Jak and Sammi meet and live with on the planet.If you like books about the future, space and figuring out how to survive I recommend you read this book.

eBook Trapped In Space

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