Hush, Little Baby

PDF-file by Brian Pinkney

Hush, Little Baby PDF ebook download Hush, Little Baby by Brian Pinkney illustrates the popular American lullaby, with Papa and big brother trying to keep baby sister from crying.

The simple text features just a few words, in a very large font, on each page. After the story the music and full lyrics, with a few changes, are included. The back cover includes the music to the lullaby to be played "with a Caribbean feel."

The illustrations are rendered in colored ink on clay board. The jaunty illustrations feature a dog, the mockingbird, and the instrument plucking big brother, along with baby, father, and a practical mother.

This is sweet and short and should keep the attention of preschoolers, toddlers and babies.

For ages 1 to 4, beginning reders, lullabies, music, family themes, and fans of Jerry Pinkney.

eBook Hush, Little Baby

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