A Tapestry of Time

PDF-file by Judith Arnopp

A Tapestry of Time PDF ebook download This isn't really a book in its own right; it's a mixed collection of short stories unpublished elsewhere and excerpts from published novels, with links for purchasing the full novels on line. That said, I got it free on Amazon, and it provided pleasant dinner reading for an evening, so I'm not really complaining.

The writing is a bit uneven. Overall, it feels underdeveloped, with some very interesting ideas, but everything is very bare bones. The editing definitely needs work, as the typos are significant enough to be distracting.

My favorite reads were actually the short stories, which seemed to be built around more original ideas than the book excerpts.

I have ordered digital samples of several of the author's books from Amazon. I have a feeling I would really enjoy some, if not all, of them: I just need to figure out which ones.

eBook A Tapestry of Time

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