Seventh (The Marching Darkness, #1)

PDF-file by Heath Pfaff

Seventh (The Marching Darkness, #1) PDF ebook download James awakens to the glow of red emergency lights and discovers himself locked in his quarters aboard the deep space vessel Odyssey. Communication circuits are severed, and the Artificial Intelligence system is malfunctioning. It doesn't take the young cadet long to realize that the technical issues he's experiencing are among the least of his concerns.

Dark things wrapped loosely in human flesh haunt the strangely vacant halls of the Odyssey, and James can't be sure whether they really exist or he has lost his mind to the rigors of space.

Seventh is a fast paced, dark story that will keep you flipping page after page looking for answers and trying to find your way back to the light.

eBook Seventh (The Marching Darkness, #1)

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