Drew's Last Hope (Finding Perfect Book 4)

PDF-file by Amy Gregory

Drew's Last Hope (Finding Perfect Book 4) PDF ebook download Drew McKnight has always had a killer smile. Girls first, then women fell for it. Add that to his magnetic personality and Drew has never known a stranger. Growing up in the quaint town of Renlend, Kansas he had everything he’d always wanted, including his high school sweetheart.
Then he blinked. In one moment of sheer hell, his entire world crashed down around him. His heart was torn in two pieces and he didn’t know how to move forward. Except…he had no choice not to.
Hope’s career came to a screeching halt one night on stage in front of a packed house. Her entire life’s work went down the drain. Using the same determination that got her to New York in the first place, she started over. She’s been dealt a crappy hand—twice, but she won’t let any of that interfere with her new life. No more toe shoes, tutus or men. She’s in a new town, ready for a new start.
Until she turned around and fell in love with the most precious brown eyes she’d ever seen.

eBook Drew's Last Hope (Finding Perfect Book 4)

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