Power Struggle

PDF-file by Doug Farren

Power Struggle PDF ebook download *** AUTHOR NOTE ***
This book has been replaced by "Chroniech" which is book 2 of the Galactic Alliance series. If you are thinking of reading this book then please pick up Chroniech instead.

The Alliance heavy cruiser, Komodo Dragon, is dispatched to a remote mining outpost when all communication with it is lost. When they arrive, Captain Ken Stricklen and his crew are horrified to find that the entire outpost has been obliterated by an unknown enemy. While on this mission, the Komodo Dragon also makes a discovery which triggers this enemy into launching a full-scale all-out attack. It quickly becomes apparent that this new enemy is technologically more advanced than the Alliance, and it appears as if they will be the victors. The crew of the Komodo Dragon, however, has learned that their discovery holds a secret which could turn the tide of the war. The enemy suspects this, and relentlessly pursues the Komodo Dragon as Captain Stricklen tries to unravel the secret of his discovery. Follow the crew of the Komodo Dragon as they embark on a mission that takes them where no Alliance ship has ever gone before.

eBook Power Struggle

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