The Complete Guide to Hysterectomy

PDF-file by Linda Parkinson-Hardman

The Complete Guide to Hysterectomy PDF ebook download The Complete Guide to Hysterectomy is exactly what it says it is, a guide to all the information you might want to know about hysterectomy, whether it is you that is having one, a friend, wife, mother or colleague. It has been updated and now contains all the information from The Hysterectomy Association website. With information on the various conditions that lead to a hysterectomy, how to avoid a hysterectomy by using alternative treatments, the different types of hysterectomy, possible side effects of the surgery, the menopause and hormone replacement therapy; it is a very comprehensive, yet easy read. And with our new section on how a hysterectomy may affect your relationships and two articles originally titled, The Unkindest Cut of All and Hysterectomies for Men, it helps you to look to the long term too.

eBook The Complete Guide to Hysterectomy

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