The Pirate's Stowaway

PDF-file by Riley Steel

The Pirate's Stowaway PDF ebook download Leann is an orphan, taken at a young age to be a playmate for a rich family's daughter. When the daughter goes to finishing school, Leann is sent to work as a scullery maid. She feels so alone and has to fight off the advances of her learing boss, Mr. Greenford. After a horrid attack, Leann believes she has killed Mr. Greenford and she flees to the city to start a new life. She meets Anna, a carefree prostate, and together they begin to see a future as their friendship develops. When Mr. Greenford turns up very much alive and wanting revenge, Leann hides on an ached ship. The ship sets sail with her still on it and the captain finds her in his cabin.
Captain James Longworth is a well respected captain and rules his ship with an iron fist but he helps Leann discover parts of herself that she didnt know existed. Can she unlock his heart and the secrect he carries with him?

eBook The Pirate's Stowaway

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