The Snow Patrol (Secrets in the Snow #2.5)

PDF-file by Roz Marshall

The Snow Patrol (Secrets in the Snow #2.5) PDF ebook download Alternate cover edition of ASIN #B00KYBSS8G.

White knights don't always wear shining armour...

'Just one more run' at the end of a day's skiing almost has deadly consequences for White Cairns' ski instructor, Debbie McNeill.

It's only a fortunate encounter with the snowy equivalent of a knight in shining armour that averts disaster, and, when he shares a secret with her, she wonders if this knight might become more than just her rescuer…

"The Snow Patrol" is a 'flash fiction' (very short story) from the 'White Cairns Ski School' series about a Scottish snowsports school.

eBook The Snow Patrol (Secrets in the Snow #2.5)

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