Kill For You (Always For You, #3)

PDF-file by L.A. Shorter

Kill For You (Always For You, #3) PDF ebook download Grace's life is finally settling down, but there's a lingering need for adrenaline in her body. After everything that's happened, normal life just doesn't feel that interesting.

Thankfully, Cain can provide this, his underground cage fighting now turning serious. Before he knows it, he'd being dragged deeper into the underbelly of the city, towards a fate that will leave both him, and everyone he cares about, fearing for their lives.

In Kill For You, Cain needs to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the girl he loves, and keep his world, with the help of Grace, turning upside down.

This is the third book in the 'Always for You' series:
Only for You (Part 1) -
Fight for You (Part 2) -
Kill For You (Part 3)

(FOR AGES 18+ Strong language, violence)

eBook Kill For You (Always For You, #3)

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